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Laundryfly Dry Cleaning Delivery

Professional Dry Cleaning DELIVERED!

The days of wasting time and gas making multiple trips to your dry cleaner are over.

LaundryFly customers SAVE 25 cents per pound of laundry when they leave BOTH laundry and dry cleaning for pick up. Dry cleaning is delivered within 72 hours of being picked up. There is a $25 minimum for all dry cleaning orders.   


Dry Cleaning Prices

We can clean practically anything so the full price list is too large to post. If you need a price for something that isn't listed, please email us.

Shirts, Laundered & Pressed - $2.95

Shirts, Dry Cleaned - $6.80

Pants - $6.80

Blazer - $8.30

Blouse - $7.40

Skirt - $8.50

Dress, Short - $16.00

Dress, Long - $23.00

Sweater - $8.50

Coat, Short - $14.00

Coat, Long - $23.50

Suit, 2pc - $13.80


Please Note - There may be an additional charge for items requiring special attention such as heavily soiled items, silk or cashmere, heavy wool, down, or fancy buttons or zippers.


Remember, LAUNDRYFLY customers automatically SAVE 25 cents per pound off their laundry when dry cleaning is included during the same pick up. To start your free account click here!

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