About LaundryFly

My name is Scott Waterman, and along with my wife Melissa and our family, we own and operate LaundryFly Laundry & Dry Cleaning Delivery. I was born and raised in West Warwick and Melissa in North Kingstown, and we currently live in Coventry, Rhode Island. Like most busy families, we found ourselves with very little time left to enjoy ourselves after managing the household chores, upholding family obligations, and each of us working 50+ hours per week. Dirty laundry is endless, and while we weren’t looking forward to multiple trips to drop off our laundry and dry cleaning at our local Cleaners, we had no choice given our hectic life.

Then we did the math… since our laundry was always ready before our dry cleaning we had to spend even more time and gas making an extra trip. I can’t tell you how many late workdays we’ve had and how frustrating it is to show up 3 minutes after they close and nothing clean left to wear to work in the morning. Plus, who knows what detergent they use?… or if they are using the specific fabric softener I requested? We like our clothes dried with low heat, did I forget to tell them that?

For those of us who pay to use a laundry and dry cleaning service, shouldn’t it be simple and convenient?

Finally, we realized that we are not the only ones challenged by this endless dirty laundry dilemma, and given the lack of a simple and convenient solution we decided to shift our professional goals and create one. After four years of sweat and tears learning the laundry business, investing in the right equipment and software, and perfecting a process that makes life so much easier for our customers, we are thrilled to introduce LaundryFly!